Fixing Free Wood Deck Boards

Wooden decking expands and contracts when exposed to sunlight and dampness, which movement can trigger some nails and screws to loosen over time. The outcome may be an uneven area that poses security risks or an deck. Servicing professionals and builders use a technique that corrects the issue efficiently. A home improvement enthusiast can use this technique to repair wood deck boards that are free with fasteners you discover at building materials retailers and home facilities.

Inspect each deck board attachment in the joists by lifting it to decide whether a board is free, and placing your weight on one foot.

Drive any nails flush in a section having a sleek face hammer. Set the 1/8 inch with a hammer. the nail punch and

Drive an extra 16- penny box nail spaced between the nails that are exiting. Set the nail 1/8 inch with hammer. Proceed to the subsequent actions when the decking is fixed with screws.

Set up an electric drill using a -tip attachment. Inspect each deck board attachment by means of your weight on one foot. As you push the screws that are exiting completely stand or kneel on the deck board.

Drive an extra 3 1/2 inch deck screw, evenly spaced between the screws that are exiting. As the screw is driven by you, stand or kneel on the deck board.

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