Can You Adjust the Bar Oiler in an MS 280 C Stihl Chain Saw?

The Stihl MS 280 C chain saw comes with an automatic oil pump that continuously sends oil into your guide bar and chain of this device. The trademarked Ematic Bar Lubrication System intuitively provides the correct amount of oil into the string to protect the chain and guide bar rails. Two ramps on the guide bar rails direct the oil to where it is needed most, taking away the requirement for an adjustable screw to regulate petroleum output.

Oil Requirements

Each chain saw, no matter the make or model, requires adequate lubricant to work efficiently, and supply necessary protection for your chain and guide bar. With a chain saw without adequate lubrication is the fastest way to destroy it altogether. Not only does string oil assist the teeth of the string cut cleanly through the timber with minimal friction, reducing the risk of kickback, in addition, it cools the chain and bar to maintain and protect them.

Adding Oil

Prior to the first use of the series saw and if it is low on guide bar oil, then add oil to your string lubricant reservoir. Prior to removing the pub petroleum reservoir cap, always clean any dirt and debris from it to stop it from getting into the reservoir where it may contaminate the oil. Stihl has fabricated the chain saw in such a manner that only a small amount of oil ought to be left by the time the fuel is emptied. If a significant amount of oil is left, then it is likely the oil output is insufficient. When too little oil stays, it may be a sign that the oiler is putting too much oil. Either state warrants having the string saw looked at by a Stihl technician.

Type of Oil

Stihl advises chain saw operators to utilize an approved oil such as Stihl BioPlus or some other age-resistant oil. Oils that are not age immune have a tendency to become resin that is difficult to impossible to eliminate from the chain, guide bar and clutch. They also raise the likelihood that the chain saw chain oil pump will lock up and stop functioning. Prevent using waste oil since it doesn’t offer adequate lubrication and has been named as a possible source of skin cancer.

Oil Output Check

If you’re unsure whether or not your Stihl chain saw automatic oiler is maintaining your chain and guide bar properly lubricated, perform a test to check the output. Begin the chain saw and allow it to run for a few minutes. Aim the time toward a good surface and increase the throttle to full power. Permit the chain saw to run for 15 seconds, then check the surface for the light field of oil that has been flung from the string on the surface.