Budget Decorator: 11 No-Sew Home Decor Projects

Do you like crafting with delicious fabrics but run at the sight of a sewing machine? There is no need to feel left out, because each of those 11 projects can be finished without so much as a thread and needle. If you’re able to cut, paste and basic, you have all the skills you want to update your space with those luscious fabrics and trims you have had your eye on.


1. Stretch fabric for DIY wall art. When you have a sheet of fabric that begs to be suspended as art, it’s easy to make it happen. Pick up canvas stretchers or a blank canvas with an art store, and use a staple gun to attach your fabric.

Caitlin Wilson Design

2. Customize drapes with ribbon trimming. Update a plain set of drapes with vibrant ribbon trim. Use a hot-glue gun or permanent fabric glue to attach the ribbon, being sure to smooth out lumps before the glue dries.

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3. Make over a dresser with decoupage. You can use anything from fabric to present wrapping or wallpaper scraps to change a boring old chest of drawers into a exceptional statement piece. All you will need is your fabric or paper of your choice, and a jar of decoupage glue.

The best way to use decoupage glue

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4. Whip up burlap curtains. You are able to turn rustic and refreshingly inexpensive burlap into a pair of chic curtains by simply ironing in hems with fusible tape. Pop-in grommets (available at most well-stocked fabric shops ) on top produce a finished look that takes the look a step beyond basic.

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5. Produce balloon-style sunglasses from fitted sheets. This ingenious project from the book dwelling in a Nutshell utilizes twin-size bedsheets to create fast and easy balloon shades. Read all about it (and much more DIY project ideas) within this coverage.

Holly Marder

6. Re-cover a desk with oilcloth. Take a cue in the house of Yvonne Eijkenduijn and bring cheer to a plain tabletop with patterned oilcloth. Cut the oilcloth to fit your dining table, allowing plenty of overhang, then use a staple gun to attach the fabric.

See how to cover a tabletop in oilcloth


7. Make an easy-clean kids’ crafts table. Have a scrap of oilcloth left from covering your big table? Use it to create an perfect easy-clean surface for a pint-size child’s table.

With either the big or small version, you always have the option to pry off the principles and change the fabric when you would like to refresh the look.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

8. Embellish a lampshade. For such a small project, this can have a big influence on the disposition of a room. Whether you choose entertaining, bobbing pom-poms, a crisp Greek primary trim or simple grosgrain, a band of embellishment glued round the bottom of a lampshade can change the look of a lamp in moments.

A hot-glue gun is quick and user friendly, and you will usually peel the trim off if you want to, even after it’s dried. Permanent fabric glue will give you a smoother application (particularly crucial for thinner ribbon trims), but it is less forgiving.

9. Re-cover a seat seat. A small chair or bench with an upholstered chair can ordinarily be pried off or unscrewed and re-covered without a lot of trouble. Eliminate the old fabric, stretch on your new choice, staple the fabric set up, and nail or screw the chair back on.

See how to re-cover a chair cushion

The Hunted Interior

10. Make your own upholstered headboard. Feeling ambitious? Make your own fabric-covered headboard. This project does not require sewing, but you will have to know your way round a saw. Get the Entire tutorial on The Hunted Interior.

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11. Stain fabric with tea for a exceptional look. Give fabric for some of your endeavors a classic look by soaking it in a bucket filled with hot steeped tea (the more luggage you use, the deeper the stain) for several hours.

Get the Complete tutorial for all these tea-stained and painted chairs

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