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Following is a contemporary yet elegant lighting option which will present your space style as well as incredible practicality. The cantilevered floor lamp is a lamp with an arc-shaped arm, a mechnical jointed arm or a cantilevered straight arm which allows you to create directional downlight without the limitations of a ceiling-hung fixture. No electrician, no unsightly wires and no chandelier which gets in the way if you want to rearrange the furniture to entertain a crowd, or just because. Hello, style; goodbye, inflexibility.

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We’ll begin with the father of all contemporary cantilevered floor lamps, the Flos Arco Floor Lamp, that was created from the Castiglioni brothers and introduced in 1962. It’s included in the permanent design collection at MoMA in New York and, while ubiquitous in some instances, it looks as good today as it did when it was first introduced.

Talking of design, the Arco lamp firmly adheres to the traditional contemporary credo of “form follows function” — there’s even a hole in its own Carrara marble floor, enabling it to be moved by two people who have a broomstick. Additionally, the Arco light includes a flexible arc along with a swiveling color for exact light control, significant features to search for in any cantilvered floor lamp.

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With many layout icons, nearly instantly or years down the road, spin-offs happen. The Arco led to the Nova Arc Floor Lamp. Its drum color bridges the difference between ultrasleek and traditional, which makes it well suited to just about any style, also by virtue of its own shorter arm, not as of a daring announcement than the Arco lamp.

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Another intriguing form of the arc-shaped floor lamp features a color that is adjustable in height through setup, a helpful design detail. The wood veneer color nicely balances the other subtle wooden details in the room and can be a refreshing eye stopper in a sea of white. This floor lamp reminds me of a fishing rod, an intriguing contextual reference for a beachfront (Long Island, New York) residence.


Bare-bones simplicity makes this unassuming and simple version of the original a good option for a casual or ultramodern setting. The pleated shade softens the look. Using a lamp in this way, you can certainly customize by covering the colour in the cloth of your choice. Think Scandinavian and cover it with a swatch of Marimekko cloth, or bridge the gap between contemporary and classic by covering it in a rich jewel-toned brocade.

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Looking for good design with no ’60s flair? The Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp is the big brother to the iconic Tolomeo Table Lamp, made in 1986 and known for its slick mechanics and steel tension cables which are a portion of a constant-tension construction.

This oversized version may be a modest tongue-in-cheek to those who recognize its different form, though awarded the virtue of its nice Italian layout, it’s the kind of lamp you could enjoy for many years to come.

This straight-armed cantilivered floor lamp has a great reach and functions well in eclectic or contemporary interiors. The playful design has a stick-figure-like presence, and with its superskinny silhouette, it truly does not impose much.

Depending on how big your room as well as the furniture layout, an arm this long may be either a fantastic benefit or an inconvenience. So make sure to have a good idea about what will work in your area before buying a cantilevered-arm lamp.

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Here is another playful stick-man silhouette, though this one reminds me of a large magnifying glass that is fitting, because the rug is a drama on a timeless eye chart. This lamp is more limited as far as providing directional light, but what it lacks due to a brief arm, it makes up for by its dramatic height.


This wooden cantilevered floor lamp is rustic and playful yet contemporary, with a style that reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright and Japanese rice paper lanterns. It would be a perfect match for Nordic-style insides, rustic furnishings or possibly just a tiny cottage in the center of the woods.


Prefer layout references? This contemporary adjustable-arm lamp is ideal for an eclectic look and functions well with antiques and flea market finds. It can be utilized as shown, or so the arm can be raised to full height and adjusted to a 90-degree angle to make direct overhead lighting.


One last thought: Don’t assume that a cantilevered floor lamp is in its best in the living area. Take a look at this stunning furniture layout and light solution that could very well work in a bedroom.

For me the cantelivered floor lamp is the ideal remedy to this low-lanterns-over-the-coffee-table seem I’ve been attempting to incorporate in my living room decor, and I am thrilled that I can have a similar look that is also practical.

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