The best way to Sow Borage

Borage (Borago officinalis) is a welcome sight to bees, that really help pollinate your whole backyard and help improve the attractiveness of your whole lawn (San Diego, CA). The annual herb is native to Mediterranean locations but grows nicely in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 3 and greater. Borage is regarded a decorative flower but is usually employed as a herb that tastes similar to your cucumber. Sow seeds in planting Flagstaff season and look ahead to leaves and blooms in July or June.

Choose an area in your backyard that’s well-draining soil. Your planting San Diego website should be to inspire your seeds to germinate and develop.

Turn the soil in your planting Fresno site using a shovel or Lawn Care service Bakersfield, CA fork to loosen the floor.

Rake weeds, rocks and debris from the soil in the planting Cape Coral site.

Apply a layer of natural compost to the soil and rake it in the dirt.

Till it’s damp, water the soil. Seeds germinate more rapidly when they can be planted in soil that is moist.

Sow seeds that are borage 1/8 inch-deep. Poke your finger to the soil to produce microscopic holes holes and fall two or one borage seeds in to every one. Space the seeds one foot apart. You don’t have to to protect the seeds with soil that is extra because they require lots of of sunshine to germinate.

Water the seeds using a hose. Use a mild spray to stop the seeds from getting displaced.

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