Practically Invisible Outdoor Furniture Lets Views Star

Outdoor furniture is an integral component of a backyard, providing a comfortable spot for relaxing and communing with nature, enjoying the company of other people or at the view. Past the practical, nevertheless, furniture may bring life and creativity to the landscape.

A solitary bench under a great oak conjures up the vision of a boy retreating in the summer heat to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A circular configuration of chairs might evoke the warm atmosphere of an evening gathering with friends. The stately rocking chair sitting on front porch gets my grandfather smoking a cigar and seeing us youngsters play ball in the road with all the gang of local kids.

Outside furniture may and should be used to improve the pleasure of outdoor spaces and also add a little personality to your poolside patio, garden nook or front porch. However there are times when furniture may detract from the overall experience of this landscape. Such situations call for hardly there, nearly invisible furniture.

Prideaux Design

This sleek, contemporary pool and patio design is complemented by translucent wire chairs. The chairs provide comfortable chairs without competing with the scenic view.

Prideaux Design

A closer look at those hardly there chairs demonstrates they have a sculptural quality that matches the contemporary type of the backyard and also the poolside area. Their breezy structure is in tune with their surroundings.

Elad Gonen

See-though, ornate and linking with the surrounding colors, this furniture sits lightly on the deck. The modest scale of this furniture is ideal for a small area.

Jane Ellison

This ring of chairs might be the perfect place for a book club gathering, a casual workplace assembly and so forth. The positioning of the furniture has purpose and enhances the woodland setting without obstructing or shooting away from the view. Since the furniture is lightweight and hardly there, the space can accomodate a lot of people feels rather open.

Ron Herman Landscape Architect

Scale is the trick to keeping a view open. By using low chairs and sofas in this setting, the eye is drawn straight from the expansive view, seamlessly knitting together the interior space with all the landscape outside.


Provence Garden Dining Set – $219

This bistro set demonstrates the power of this hardly there notion. The furniture includes a subtle note of playfulness without being in your face about it.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

The large boulders used within this coastal landscape provide abundant seating around the fire pit when keeping the naturalistic feel of the website. Engineered furniture would mess the foreground, detracting in the rugged beauty of the place itself; this rustic seating solution blends with the surroundings.

Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates

A pillow chucked on this boulder produces a strong invitation to sit down and enjoy the garden. Eliminate the pillow and the chairs disappears into the rock retaining wall supporting it.

Clinton & Associates, PC Landscape Architects

The color of the patio furniture blends with the color of the patio floor, making an appealingly tranquil makeup and keeping a sense of spaciousness in this outdoor area.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

These nearly invisible cable chairs provide a counterpoint to the hard lines of the garden. They provide scale and allow us to place ourselves in the picture without detracting in the powerful geometry of the hardscape or competing with all the remote view.

Studio William Hefner

This faux-boisbench, using its shapely hardly there back, complements the delicate fountain without overpowering it.

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