Paying Off Your Mortgage

A line of credit is a flexible instrument. It can be used to cover for home improvements, holidays, education and lots of other functions. It can also be used to repay mortgage debt. One advantage of using a line of credit to repay a mortgage is that the funds will be immediately available whenever you would like to use them (just request a certified check or wire transfer), as opposed to needing to apply for a new loan and awaiting its approval prior to paying off the existing mortgage at closing.

Contact your mortgage company's payoff section to acquire the whole quantity of principal, interest and fees due through the date you wish to pay your mortgage off.

Request a certified check, drawn from the line of credit, made out to a mortgage business to the payoff amount.

Mail the certified check to your mortgage company to pay your mortgage off. Allow enough time for the check to achieve your mortgage business or you will have a balance due. You may also wire the payoff funds. Contact your mortgage company to acquire wiring instructions. Contact your mortgage company to affirm your mortgage balance is zero and the payoff implemented and was obtained correctly.

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