How to Clean Chimneys

Creosote and soot are the obvious substances that you end up with after burning a fire in your chimney. You might know about soot, but very few people know about creosote. Creosote is a sticky, flammable substance that’s the cause of many fires, especially if you do not remove it immediately. A chimney sweep, especially a professional one, can be a bit expensive. You can, however, carry out air duct cleaning Mobile on your own if you have the right tools and learn how to clean the chimney on your own.


First, when was the last time that you cleaned your chimney? It’s important to clean it once every year. In case you use the chimney more often, you must clean it regularly. How do you tell whether the chimney needs to be cleaned? Peek into the chimney flue. Use a flashlight to get a better look. Take a sharp knife or pencil and scrape off some of the accumulated creosote. If the residue is more than 1/8 inches thick, you need to clean the chimney.

For those who clean their chimneys once a year, it is wise to do this just before the cold season sets in, so do it in the fall. Ignoring Mobile air duct cleaning increases the likelihood of a fire breaking out when you light a fire in the fireplace during winter.

Check for Animals

If you don’t use the chimney often, it makes for a good hiding spot for small animals. It’s a warm place and they will find it cozy. Some of the animals that you might find nesting in your chimney include raccoons, squirrels, and birds. If you find any animals nesting in the chimney, find a way to remove them before you start cleaning or using the chimney.

Measure Your Chimney Flue

Before doing air duct cleaning Mobile, you must get the exact measure of the chimney flue. You need the right tools to effectively clean the chimney. By measuring the flue, you will be able to get the appropriate tools that can clean its entire length.

Get the measurements of the sides. You can also get the measurements of the chimney from the top if you have a ladder. Most chimney flues are either round or square and measure either 6 or 8 inches. While measuring the height, you should overstate the measurements in case you are working on a guess. This gives you sufficient room to ensure the brush you use will cover the whole length of your chimney.

Chimney Cleaning Supplies

With all the measurements done, you need the cleaning supplies for the job. Visit your nearest hardware store and get the following items:

– Wire or plastic chimney brush
– Extension pipes
– Stiff wire brush
– Goggles
– Dust mask
– Dustpan
– Broom
– Ladder
– Drop cloth or plastic tarp

Before you start cleaning the chimney, make sure you are putting on the right clothes. Cover your hair and protect your hands with a pair of gloves. Put on clothes that you would not be worried about getting sooty.

Place the tarp or drop cloth around the fireplace. Extend it into the room a few feet so that it can trap any soot and debris that comes off the chimney. Use light fabric to cover the furniture in the room. Take the damper off your flue, clean it off, and then proceed with air duct cleaning Mobile.