Home Theaters: Projecting the Right Image

Following decades of TVs being the centerpiece of a living room or family room, lot of us are eliminating them and using our computers to the occasional reality-TV or sitcom fix. Still, there are occasions when a night at home with a movie or even the Sunday HBO series of the moment makes for a joyful escape. That is where a projector and display come in handy.

A projection display delivers a more fully recognized, professional quality movie experience. If not in use the display retracts and the space is returns into a TV-free haven. These days, home theaters systems with projectors and displays are found in pretty much every size and price range. Better still, a professional-grade projector won’t only fit a smaller area, it can make a small space feel roomier.

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Projectors are used in dedicated home theaters, and these days there is something to suit every budget. Many of these systems can get a TV signal, deliver 3D images or access content from the Internet.

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Projectors no longer have to be big hulking units. Most are modest and can be easily mounted on a ceiling in the back of the space or knocking on a table top.

When mounting a projector on the wall, the nearer to the display, the smaller the resulting images. Ratios differ from unit to unit, however, for instance, if the projector is 10 feet from the display and can project an 120-inch picture at that distance, then for each foot nearer to the display the projector is placed, the picture size will be smaller.

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The colour of your projector can be matched to blend into ceilings or walls when mounted, and those used only sometimes can be stored in a closet or cabinet.


LightStyle LS-100d DLP Projector – $19,000

This projector from Runco will not be available until December, but it will help resolve the distance/image size problem. The LightStyle LS-100d has what the company calls for a”short throw,” meaning it uses technology that lets it throw a wide picture from a brief distance. This projector can actually be placed beneath the screen and deliver a larger-than-life image. It’s also compact so you can put it away when not being used.

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Projectors don’t transmit sound, so you’ll have to connect your personal computer to speakers. For film viewing, five-channel surround sound is suggested. This offers you five complete speakerstwo in front on either side of the display, one in the center, two in the trunk, and a subwoofer that communicates deeper sounds.


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The noise elements are becoming smaller and more tasteful. The MilleniaSub subwoofer from Paradigm doesn’t look too awful out on display, but it can also be tucked beneath a sofa or chair or placed in a cupboard. This device will operate with wireless speakers, keeping cords at bay.

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A variety of displays are also offered. There’s the basic pull-down display (believe elementary school classroom) and automatic ones which lower from the ceiling. Or, simply project your images against a black wall.


Display Paint – $189

Display Paint is a nice alternative to an actual display or conventional paint. It comes in five colors, and for under $200, it transforms a basic wall into a display capable of displaying HD moving images.

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