Guest Picks: Coffee and Tea Accessories

Coffee or tea? Do you do both? I gave up coffee several ages ago, and though I still love its aroma, tea has won my heart. They have such wonderful and fun accessories, not to mention the hundreds of selections of coffee blends and tea leaves available. Take a look here and see if you’re able to find something special for your drinking pleasure! — Libby from An Eye for Detail


Norm Kettle Teapot – $69.95

Asian meets Scandinavian within this very cool glass pot with a stainless steel “egg” tea ball. Reduce the ball to steep the tea, then raise it up to pour.

Emmo Home

Blomus Utilo Tea Stick – $22.39

Now this is pretty neat! It is a “tea stick,” and at nearly 7 inches long, it’d hold a lot of loose tea — plenty to create my really strong brew.

Tortoise General Store

Kaikado Canister – $140

I love the jewelry-like quality of these aluminum, tin and brass tea canisters that come in a variety of sizes. How gorgeous would they be about the counter?


Tea Towels Flax Linen by Pony & Poppy – $29

These tea towels are made from unbleached flax linen and hand screened using straightforward but complex motifs.

Emmo Home

Eva Solo Tea Bag – $25

This is the modern tea bag. Click it open to fill, and reuse it over and over. I may need to purchase one of them for traveling.


Chemex, Glass Manage – $35

The famous Chemex coffee pot is currently in glass. I really like the sleek appearance with the easy-to-use glass handle.


Domus Coffee Pot Large Wicker Manage – $140

This is gorgeous! It is stainless steel, has a French press indoors and has that amazing wicker handle. It is so retro but so modern.

Merchant No. 4

Honey Jar + Stick – $38

This glass honey jar includes acacia and teak wood. The rope handle allows you to pull the center top to add the honey rod. What will they think of next?

English Tea Store

16oz Flavor Protective Tea Canister – $15.69

It is a plastic tea canister that resembles stainless steel. Additionally, it’s a clear plastic spoon attached. Tea keeps longer if in the dark, and this would look good in any kitchen.

Pop Deluxe

Pantone Universeā„¢ Bone China Mug, Mushy Pea – $14.99

You’ve probably noticed these mugs with Pantone colors, but they are in a huge selection of colors. There is something for everyone. The size is ideal too — not too large, but still able to hold plenty of your favorite drink.


Milk & Sugar Ball Set FREUD – $80

I truly love this stainless steel collection! It is glamorous; it’s sleek; it works in almost any style kitchen or dining area. It’d be good to see a tea or coffee tray.


Tipping Teacut – $22

This is truly neat: place tea leaves in that little compartment on one side, pour water, steep, turn the cup to another angle and take a sip. It is like a mini tea pot all in a single.


Williams Ceramic Coffee Canister with Spoon – $34.95

This white and shiny stoneware is far from basic. Store your java and dish it out using the attached spoon.

English Tea Store

Glass Teapot, Zen Style – $49.99

If you’re looking for more balance in your life, try out this teapot in glass and bamboo. It comes with the rack, strainer and scoop.

Cost Plus World Market

Polka Dot Tea For Two Set – $24.99

This adorable set for tea drinkers is from Cost Plus World Market. It is comes at a fantastic cost, and it might be fun to display.

Clive Coffee

The Clive Stand – $195

This is really unique! The Clive Stand is created in the U.S. from glass and black walnut wood. How elegant would this be for a dinner party?

Clive Coffee

Clive Coffee Mini Creamer, Peacock – $12

This mini creamer is oh-so adorable. Perhaps place one at each place in your table or use it for breakfast with your oatmeal? I love this one.

Finnish Design Shop

Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer – $26

This is a very, very cool idea: a coffee scoop and bag sealer all in a single. This is essential.


Progressive Coffee Tamper – $6.98

This really is a tamper for espresso machines. I’m not a coffee drinker, but everyone says that these are wonderful.

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