Get More Mileage Out Of Your Coffee Table Books — as Decorating Components

Books are for reading, sure. But they are also for stacking, displaying, propping and organizing.

A stack of thick coffee table books is as essential in decorating as a vase or a throw cushion. They include colour, texture, height and symmetry. They also offer you an opportunity to display your personality. Are you displaying a book about Chanel or World War II, nature photos or fabrics of the world? Your books say as much about your own interests, taste and personality as your artwork.

And here’s the way to use them sensibly.

LLC, Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Books as Props

A stack of colorful books on a flat surface is the perfect prop for the random product. Here it is a bit of coral. Notice how the colour of the novels is in tune with all the colours of this space.

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

Here a stack of books helps attain some height variant, so everything isn’t just sitting on the exact same plane.

Jennifer Latimer & Gilded Mint

This stack of art books shows actual artwork. It acts as a tiny stage with this little painting and generates a few height variation.

Betty Wasserman

Books as Art

Propped vertically instead of stacked, the book itself becomes a bit of artwork, as worthy of screen as an art printing. Ensure that the books are interspersed with different shapes and colours to avoid looking like a museum bookshop.

BLT architect

These stacks of novels gain from the spotlighting as far as the artwork. Together they form a set and a space which has much to inform about its owner’s personality and preferences.

Sightline Art Consulting

Novels are really pretty, they are the topic of a painting.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Novels for Color

The colour of a book’s jacket or backbone can be essential to its roster. In my living room, bright pink and soft turquoise novels bring out hits of these colours in different areas. Here the novels pick up the orange blue and pink seen elsewhere in the vignette.

Laura Collins Design

The delicate, feminine colors of the room are reflected from the book coats.

Kara Mosher

Books as Furniture

The books in this packing-crate-turned-coffee-table are as much part of the structure and look of this item as the timber.

Tracery Interiors

A stack of sturdy books makes a fine table.

Burnham Design

Stacks and Stacks

A beautiful picture book ought to be looked at. Just as you would not conceal your amazing art in a cupboard, do not conceal your gorgeous books on a bookshelf. Horizontal stacks like this add symmetry, texture and color. And you can actually look at them.

A coffee table is really a coffee table book table.

Kimberly Demmy Design

This lengthy row of stacked books is a portion of the layout of the entire room.



Your turn: how can you display your gorgeous books? Please discuss a photograph below!

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