Design Dilemma: Difficult Corner Fireplace

Houzz user elifozkaya has uncovered the torment of this corner fireplace — also as an inconveniently placed patio door — and has requested his fellow Houzzers to get help. “I am moving to my new house but I frankly do not know how am I going to decorate the living area,” he writes.

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Houzz Design Dilemmas

In addition to this fireplace problem, wall equipment, so where shall the TV go has not been purchased by Elif?

Houzz Design Dilemmas

Elifozkaya includes two black couches, 1 big TV, two accent tables, two table lamps, and a few pieces of artwork he’d love to use in this area. Click here to go to the original question and then add your response.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

A last shot of the living area shows the entire fireplace and sliding glass door dilemma.

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