A Bedroom for the Two of You

Among those little-discussed problems of marriage is the problem of this bedroom. No, not that problem; the problem of finding a style that suits both of you — one that is not too girly and not overly bachelor pad. Before turning into no guy wants to eliminate 25 floral pillows. And no woman wants to live eternally with black laminate furniture, then alter jars on the dresser and beige walls. That is where good design comes in.

All these 11 bedrooms strike an ideal balance between female and masculine so that the two of you may feel at home.

Moroso Construction

If you can’t agree on color, go impartial. Just make certain that you do it with intention. Here, layers of beige and gray in various colors add interest and make the room seem put together.


The eclectic bedroom lends itself well to gender neutrality. A mixture of old and new, subtle and bright. Yes, there are flowers on the floor, but they’re somewhat more playful than girly.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Dark colours are traditionally connected with a more masculine vibe. Nevertheless, the female lines of this bench and the tufted love seat balance out the color scheme.

Michael Abrams Limited

This bedroom is high glamour all the way, but adhering to a palette of silver and gray keeps it from looking like a starlet’s dressing area. Even a macho guy could sleep here.

Globus Builder

This bedroom is warm and bright and totally gender neutral with no personality-less. Those two bits of pattern in the curtain and on the throw cushions are the ideal feminine-masculine equilibrium.

Chr DAUER Architects

Cultural patterns really are a terrific way to add color to a room without getting girly. Within this room light is balanced by dark, and spareness is balanced with touches of color and pattern.

Economy Interiors

Florals definitely have a spot in the gender-balanced bedroom, particularly when paired with clean, midcentury lines and nice, neutral colours.

Economy Interiors

The curved shape of a tulip dining table is the perfect means to offset all the more decorative lines in this bedroom. It keeps it clear appearing without feeling chilly.


Pink is more than welcome in the dual-gender bedroom. Just make sure it is balanced with darker colours, nonfloral patterns and other focal points.

A gender-neutral kids’ room. We can let it belongs to a girl (the apparel hanging in the foot of this bed gives it away), but the mixture of neutral and main colors makes it right for any child.


This is not so much sex neutral as sex inclusive. It has delicate feminine things such as the flokati rug and the feather sculptures across the bed, and masculine items like the leather bench and the chocolate throw. The pale blue walls swing either way, as do the Ghost chairs.

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