8 Colors for South-Facing Rooms

In most homes, the south-facing room is the sunniest place in the house because windows which face south receive the most direct sunlight throughout the entire year. These sun-drenched spaces are warm and well-lit through the day that may be a blessing in sunlight, but it could also be too much of good thing. South-facing rooms benefit from a drop in temperature that is visual. The best approach to accomplish this is by using cool colors.

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Julia Ryan

A soft, watery blue is a fantastic color option for cooling down a space. Tidewater 6477 by Sherwin-Williams was used in this area, and the heating effect is evident.

Lauren Ostrow Interior Design, Inc

If you want a neutral wall color, you can still cool down your area by installing silvery-blue window colors. Repeat the use of the color in your furniture, accessories and carpeting or area rug.

Neutral color to attempt: Yosemite Sand AC-4 by Benjamin Moore

Bethany Lewis, R.I.D.

If you take pleasure in the bright and bright feel in your room but like the notion of using a cool shade, then a tinted white will probably work well for you. These are extremely pale colors that can add a tiny quantity of color to your space without distorting the pure light.

Attempt: Tibetan Sky 7134 by Sherwin-Williams

LDa Architecture & Interiors

A greenish-turquoise is just another fantastic color to try. Make sure you keep your colors slightly muted for a calm and serene feel.

Attempt: Hazel 6471 by Sherwin-Williams

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Gray is certainly on-trend nowadays, and like blue, it’s a natural cooling effect. Mid-tone and darker grays can do wonders to bring down the brightness at a south facing room.

Attempt: Thundercloud Gray 2124-40 by Benjamin Moore

J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC

By making use of a bluish-gray in your sunny room, you’re going to get the advantages of using both blue and gray. That means twice the cooling effect plus a dose of sophistication and fashion.

Attempt: Silver Gray 2131-60 by Benjamin Moore

Melanie Coddington

For smaller south-facing rooms, paint both walls and ceiling with the same shade of blue. This will cut back on the contrast and make your space seem larger.

Attempt: Skylark 530A-2 by Behr

CG&S Design-Build

You are still able to use warm colors in a room, but to keep things cool, use the warm colors for accents just and select green or blue for the walls.

Attempt: Marina Isle 480E-3 by Behr

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